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Ultra-Tech Laboratories is engaged in personnel monitoring service (PMS) of ‘Health & Safety of Radiation Workers’ as part of regulatory requirements as stipulated by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) India; under the direct supervision of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).

Created in 1954, BARC is the premier multidisciplinary R&D organization under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. In 1975, BARC developed the indigenous technologies of Thermo-Luminescence Dosimeter (TLD) Badge System and the decentralization of monitoring service was initiated. At present over 150,000 radiation workers are monitored using this service in India.

Set-up in a village near Bhilai, since 2005, Ultra-Tech is catering to radiation protection services of about 50,000 workers, employed with about 6000 units (hospitals, institutes, and industrial entities  etc) spread across 22 states in the Northern and the Eastern parts of India.

Fully equipped to manufacture of all in-house needs such as TLD cards, TLD reading electronic machines and aided by auxiliary systems. Ultra-Tech is managed by qualified and experienced scientific TEAM under the direct guidance of Senior Scientists from BARC.

Enquiries from companies and individuals from any countries for personnel monitoring services or creating joint-venture initiatives in radiation related activities are welcome.

TLD Badges

A TLD badge based on CaSO4: Dy Teflon discs has been designed and is in regular Personnel Monitoring use since 1975. The TLD badge has shown satisfactory performance for monitoring beta and gamma doses of radiation workers. At present about 150,000 radiation workers are covered with TLD monitoring service in our nuclear industry, medical and industrial institutions as well as research institutions.
The complete Personnel Monitoring TLD badge consists of a TLD card and a plastic cassette for holding the TLD card. The badge is affixed to the clothing of a person with the help of a crocodile clip attached to the badge.

Semiautomatic TLD badge reader

This is a PC based semiautomatic TLD badge reader system with a number of design improvements for faster processing of the TLD badges with reduced man power. The new reader has features such as non contact N2 gas heating, reproducible temperature profile of the gas, built-in safeguards against gas flow, heater and EHT failures, dark current compensation, background subtraction, auto ranging, automatic switching of EHT to a lower value when high TL output is encountered to enable a wide range of measurement with high sensitivity to lower levels of TL etc. with a elaborate software written in ‘C’ language for storage and recall of glow curves, evaluation of doses and printout of dose reports.

CT Scan

TLD Cards are used for safety of Radiation Workers engaged in various types of Medical Procedures such as Radiology, Radio-therapy, Nuclear Medicine etc. as well as in Research Works and Industrial (mainly NDT) uses.